Thursday, July 25, 2013

ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Inkjet Papers

I recently obtained some samples of  ILFORD GALERIE Prestige inkjet
papers and have been testing them on my Epson 3880 Pro printer.  The papers that I have been testing have been, the Smooth Pearl 310 g, the Smooth High Gloss, the Gold Cotton Smooth, and the Gold Mono Silk, which is for black and white prints.

I have printed out on all the papers except the Gold Mono Silk.  My workflow all was done in Lightroom 5.  After processing the photograph in the develop module and creating a soft proof,  I then went to the printing module, selected the printer, and utilized the ICC profile for the paper that I was using, which I obtained from Ilford  I also made sure that Lightroom controlled the color management not the printer.  Your printer manual should have instructions on how to accomplish this.  Also, Ilford has information on the utilization of the ICC profile when you download them.

My favorite paper is the Smooth Pearl 310 gram, it has great color rendition and gamut, superb clarity, plus high sharpness, plus it is a heavyweight paper and definitely feels like a normal print.  In fact, this is one of the papers that Ilford and Canon are using in a promotion Try My Photo, more information can be had at:

  The Smooth High Gloss also has brilliant colors, but for me the paper is too shiny, it depends on what you like, for some people may like this better.  The Gold Cotton Smooth is a matte paper and is not shiny at all, and reveals its colors better when it is behind glass.

The Ilford papers are available from Hunts Photo and if you follow this link you will obtain special pricing

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