Monday, September 22, 2014

New Program - Topaz Impression

Topaz is excited to tell you about the most recent addition to the Topaz family of products: Topaz Impression

For photographers, finding the perfect way to capture the moment can become an obsession. Sometimes you want to depict real life, but other times you just want to convey a feeling. A vision. A dream.

Impression is designed to help you realize your vision by transforming your photos into realistic-looking studio art. Easy-to-use presets (47 of them!) allow you to pick and choose across entire art movements in a few simple clicks. What's more, you can pull from a huge store of creative adjustment options to make masterpieces uniquely yours. No prior knowledge of art is required - all you need is a photo and an unbounded imagination!

Check out this example shown in Impression’s interface:

Topaz Impressions can be used as a stand-alone program.  It is simple to use and allows you to use your creativity on a picture as you would like it to look like I have tried it out on a few pictures and found the program easy to use and very adjustable.
Street Art

Ancient Art

Impressionistic Art
Until September 30 Topaz Impressions is available for a 25% discount utilizing the code SEPIMPRESSION.  Click link to Topaz Impressions.

Chasing the Light E-Book Review

Ian Plant is a world-renowned professional photographer, writer and adventurer and the very nice person.  I attended his lecture at the New England Camera Club Counsel this past July and also spent time talking with him in the evening over a pitcher of beer with my friend Greg Bosco.

Approximately five years ago Ian released his first e-book entitled Chasing the Light.  He recently decided it needed an update but rather than just updating the book, he created an entirely new book still entitled Chasing the Light.  Ian did keep some of the basic core of the old book, but the new book is exquisite.  It contains 240 pages of material related to the light, color and exposure.  What makes this book a great buy is that he talks about light in all its phases throughout an entire day from nighttime through sunrise, the middle of the day, twilight and sunset.  He teaches you about direction of the light, bright sun, clouds and and intermingling color into the equation.  The book is not just landscapes but also wildlife.  It teaches you to have patience, look at a scene, very the way you take a picture, use your feet to find different aspects of the scene and to continually practice.

Here is a sample page from the book

This book is great not only for a beginning photographer, but even an expert photographer by giving them a new view on how to take pictures.

15% Off Sale!
To celebrate this new release, EVERY ITEM IN THE DREAMSCAPES STORE IS 15% OFF FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH! There's no need for a discount code—everything is 15% until the end of September. Happy shooting!

Chasing the Light is a 240 page PDF format eBook filled with essential tips for taking great photos. Only $19.95! ($16.96 during the 15% OFF SALE!)