Saturday, December 25, 2010

Rough waters

Yesterday, after days of intermittent snow showers the sun came out and we decided to go forward drive and see what was down at the ocean. We went down to Schuesset beach, where we first ran into a group of horned larks. Walking down toward the jetty jutting out into the ocean, the tide was coming in, it was high because of a full moon, with large waves from an offshore gale. The waves was striking the jetty and coming up over the jetty. On the opposite side of the jetty, in the Cape Cod Canal, the water was basically smooth. Here are some pictures of the waves and water striking the jetty.

After we left the beach, we went down to Plymouth beach, where the waves were even more oppressive crashing over the seawall. The waves were getting the seawall in going 15 to 20 feet in the air. We were getting water spray onto the cars. There was a gentleman standing near the wall, getting sprayed on, but not getting the full effect of the waves because of his location.