Sunday, December 12, 2010

This Saturday our resident ornithologist Paul Champlin led one of his instructive bird walks at the Allens Pond Massachusetts Audubon sanctuary. We went to the Allens Neck portion and had a large number of sparrows present at the grasslands. Because the birds were at a distance, and moving. I did not get really any pictures of the most interesting species. We saw grasshopper, Fox, tree, field, song, and Savannah sparrows.

Tree Sparrow
There were other birds present, including all of species of woodpeckers. 

Hairy woodpecker

 And we had long look at a Brown creeper, who lent itself to a photograph.

Brown Creeper
Now Paul's walk scheduled for two hours.  However, as usual, we spent over four hours was in the field.  The day was very sunny with temperatures in the mid-40s and a mild wind.  We ended up would've total of 45 species of birds and everyone had a wonderful time.