Friday, December 31, 2010

"What is Common"

What is common to one person may be uncommon to another. I spent the last two mornings down in Middletown, Rhode Island at the second beach campground looking for the green-tail towhee that has been found in between the campground and the Sachuest National Wildlife Refuge. The green-tail towhee is a common bird in the western portion of the United States but is very uncommon here in the East especially, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The first day that I went down to look for the towhee, I saw it and fleeting bits and pieces. enough, so that I could identify it, but not enough to photograph. That day I photographed a red tailed hawk that timely posed for me.

However, the next day the bird proved to be photogenic and I was able to get some very nice pictures of this beautiful bird. It has a bright reddish-Brown Crown, white chin, the back wings and tail are all of green with a gray breast any whitish belly.

There was also a very decent variety of sparrows present, chickadees, Cardinals, and goldfinches present.

We also had a rough-legged hawk fly overhead, which some of the bird is they are said was a rare sighting for Rhode Island.