Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Allens pond bird walk

I was out on the first bird walk of the year on Januar 2nd at Allens pond Massachusetts Audubon sanctuary in Westport, Massachusetts. The walk was interesting in that we found a number of signs of either Hawk or owl predation. There was remains of a rabbit with a lot of fur around on the ground and a partially eaten eider. We also found a large owl pellet on a rock. It measured about 2 inches long and about an inch and a half in diameter and was bigger than the usual owl pellets that are found. There had been reports of a snowy owl in the vicinity. Was this it's pellet?

Owl Pellet


We ended up with a total of 43 species of birds for the morning walk, despite it being extremely foggy and having a period of rain. The fog would come and go, sometimes allowing us good views of the ocean. At other times could not see more than 25 feet in front of us.

!st Winter Horned Lark

Red-brasted Merganse in Fog

Savannah and Ipsich Sparrows

Yllow Rumped Warbler

Harrier in fog