Monday, January 10, 2011

Squirrels and birdfeeders

It is winter, and I am feeding the birds, however, a certain animal also makes great use of my feeders. I live in a condominium and in our back there is a very large wooded area and we have multiple species of birds that are in it including turkeys. We even have had deer coming through the yard. Despite putting out food separately for the squirrels. They love utilizing the feeders, even though I have a put on one of the feeders and my other feeder is supposed to be squirrel proof Ha Ha!!. In my ground feeder. I put safflower seeds, because squirrels I not supposed to like them. It doesn't matter, the squirrels a rover eating the seed. So, as usual, not only do I feed the birds, but I am feeding the squirrels. 

Heres looking at you

Hiding under hood

A Squirrel-proof Feeder HA!!

The antics of the squirrels are fun to watch as they leap up from the ground to catch onto the feeder and then hang by their feet from the perches while they eat and drop seed on the ground. Crop and seed on the ground is also good for the ground feeding birds such as the juncos and mourning doves.

Holding on perch