Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day four of my Log of the Searcher Natural History Tour Around the Baja by Boat Januanary 26, 2011

Upon arriving at Laguna San Ignacio, we would be greeted by a gray whale breaching, which offered an inkling of what will come later. Everybody was excited to go out in the pangas to observe the gray whales closer. One of the panga was lucky enough to have a gray whale and her calf swim over to the panga and  the people were able to  touch and pat the whale. The calf was extremely playful, offer us many views of its head. This day we had three different panga rides with numerous encounters with the gray whales.

Gray Whale Breach

Magnificent Frigatebird n ships rigging

Close encounter and being sprayed by the whale's blow

Calf's head

Gray whale head with barnacles

there she blows

touching me touching you

Common Loon

Spy hopping
What of the gray whales approached our panga and I was able to touch and pat the whale. It was a moving experience, not only did I touch the whale, but it touched me, and there is a sense of bonding with it. Now, I have been whale watching on and off for at least 30 years, mainly on Stellwagon bank off of Cape Cod and on a 27 foot zodiac at in Newfoundland. I have been close to the whales, but the experience in Laguna San Ignacio was something even more, I am now one with the whales.

After supper, chairs were set up on the back deck of the Searcher, where we all gathered and spent a quiet time, with all of ships lights and generator off. The stars and Milky Way were fantastic and all a glory and you could hear the Dolphins and whales breathing and blowing around the boat. It was another moving experience.

Sunset at Laguna San Ignacio