Friday, February 25, 2011

A day of Birding and Other Items

It is now early on Friday morning and it is raining very heavily outside, I have just finished working on my pictures from yesterday's bird walk that I went on with my friend Doug. Yesterday was bright and sunny in the morning with no breeze, and although the temperature was only in the 30s. It felt much warmer than that.

We started out birding Acoaxet area of Westport, which is across the river from the main area of Westport and separated by Little Compton, Rhode Island. We identified multiple species of birds, a lot of them with through the scope and across the river. We did have white-throated sparrows in the bushes near us.
White-throated Sparrow

Red-breasted Mreganser -feeding

This cardinal took a leap of faith by jumping from one branch to another.

Leap of Faith

A couple of items not related to birding were also seen. An old set of Blue Sunoco gas pumps and an old "steam shovel" sitting by the side of the road.

After we birded Acoaxet area, we traveled up to Gooseberry and walked out to the tip. The redpolls was still present, however, still refused to have their photograph taken. There was a large group of dunlins, which were all resting at the tip, but took flight when a  father and his daughter walk by them. I did my usual, getting down and sitting on the sand so I would not frightened of dunlins and snap some pictures of them.

Taking Daughter for a walk

Dunlin in flight


Red-breasted Merganser on Rock

We finished the day down at Sachuest National Wildlife Refuge and Third Beach. Mainly the usual birds, no owls, snow buntings or horned larks. I did take a scenic of the dunes, as they appear in late winter.

Dunes at Third Beach
We ended up the day with 50 different species of birds seen A GREAT DAY