Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day Six of my Log of the Searcher Natural History Tour Around the Baja by Boat January 28, 2011

Awakening this morning to a cloudy sky and we were off of Santa Margarita, still in smooth seas, we were treated to a spinach and ham omelet, along with O'Brien potatoes. There were Creveri's Murrlets and Cassin's Auklets around us in the water. A red billed tropic bird did circle the boat. As we continue down along the coast of Baja California Sur. There were humpback whales present along with a fluking blue whale. We had a good look at a green sea turtle. Pelagric red crabs was seen in the water and Rob utilizing a net brought one aboard for us to have a closer look at.. As the day grew later we were able to observe a red-neck phalarope.

Morning Clouds
Andy in the Crows Nest looking for whales

Blue Whale Blow

Humpback Fluke

Blue Whale Fluke

Humpback blow and you can see the flipper under water

Green Sea Turtle

Cassin's Auklet

Pelagic Red Crab

Red-neck Phalarope

It was another great sunset which we observed while reading another great meal prepared by excellent chefs, Charles and Steve.