Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Log of the last morning of the trip to the Baja

Before sunrise, we entered the harbor at Cabo San Lucas, where the Searcher will refuel for its trip back to San Diego, and we will embark for our trip home via air.

Upon entering the harbor, we would greeted by the harbor police. The one sign that attracted my attention on the shore was a large red Hooters sign.

Harbor Police Blur

Cabo San Lucus Harbor
Both the pictures were taken hand-held wthout flash

After breakfast, and saying goodbye to all our new friends, we took our luggage up to the vans for our trip either to the airport or for those that were going to stay a few days in Cabo to their hotel.

This trip is an experience of a lifetime, I would recommended to anybody with the love of nature, marine mammals, the sea and the land. Searcher Natural History Tours is already taken. Reservations for next year and the information is available at Not only will you learn a lot on the trip, you'll meet new friends from all over, and being extremely well fed. Thanks to chefs, Charles and Steve. If you do decide to book a trip on the Searcher, please use my name.