Monday, March 14, 2011

Glenn Bartley Photoworkshop

Before I start on day two of my trip to Vancouver Island, I want to present my thoughts about the workshop. I have been on multiple photo workshops given by a number of excellent people and Glenn Bartley is right at the top of the list.

There were only four of us participating in the workshop and Glenn gave us individual attention. He spent his time making sure we were set up the right way adjusting cameras, tripods, or whenever needed adjustment and spent the majority of his time with us rather than doing his own photography.

When Glenn had us taking flight pictures of the ducks he would walk 200+ yards down the beach to put food into the water in order to draw the ducks down to him, then he would walk to hundred yards back above us and do the same thing. This causes the ducks to fly, and we were able to work on our flight photography. He also made sure that we were in positions so that we would not be getting in the way of one of the other participants.

Because this is his home area. He knew it extremely well and had special places where to go so that we could obtain rarest species of birds to photograph. We were able to do photography in backyards where he had purchased set up and in one place blinds so that we could obtain the photographs that we wanted.

So in closing, I would recommend Glenn's workshops highly. And if you are interested, his website is