Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vancouver Island Day Three

Finally I'm able to write my blog for day three of my Vancouver Island trip.  After the group met for breakfast, we left with Glenn for another trip to Goldstream Provincial Park to do scenic’s in the temperate rainforest.  It definitely was a rain forest, because of all the recent rain, the trees were dripping, and this stream was running high.   There is a Rocky bar in which you can get out so you can photograph the stream, however, rather than the whole group being able to get out on the bar.  Only two people could get out at a time and they were extremely close to each other.  But, we were able to get the pictures we wanted.

Interesting facts about temperate rainforests is that North America, as the largest area of temperate zone rainforest on the planet and the Pacific temperate rainforest ecoregion occurs from Kodiak Island in Alaska to Northern California.  Vancouver Island is a sub-ecoregion.

A Pacific Wren put in an appearance, singing to us

After we left Goldstream Provincial Park and had lunch, we went searching for other areas to photograph.  However, because of the high wind and sun in the middle of the day we were not able to photograph much at that time. I obtained a photograph of a Northwestern Crow, which only occurs along coastal forest and intertidal zones from Washington State to Alaska.

We went to Marina Bay in Victoria and photograph the harbor seals that hang around the docks waiting to be fed.  The store at Marina Bay sells chopped up large pieces of sardines to feed the seals.  The seals were very entertaining; one of them slapped the water with its flipper asking for food.

We finished off the day that at the point where we were able to get numerous pictures of black oystercatchers, black turnstones and a northern river otter put in appearances and entertained us.

Black Oystercatcher eating a clam

Black Oystercatcher

Black Turnstone

So ended our day three on Vancouver Island.