Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Victoria British Columbia Day One

Monday, March 6, started the day meeting Glenn Bartley in the lobby of the motel where the four participants introduced themselves to each other. Then off to do photography. We went to the Lagoon to photograph mainly the ducks both swimming and in flight. Glenn taught us the best technique for flight photography. He went up and down the shore 200 plus yards to get the ducks into one area by feeding them, then went in the opposite direction and put out feed to get them to fly past us. Many good pictures were obtained and yes a lot of losers.
Common Goldeneye

Northern Pintail
Before we left a pair of mallard got into a long fight.  If you look at the picture the front mallard has blood in its eye.

In the afternoon we went to “the Golden Pond: where the reflection of the trees on the water turned the color of the water yellow. We photographed many different species of ducks, but alas the wood ducks stayed hidden.
Lesser Scaup
American Wigeon

We finished the day on Cove Point where we photographed Black turnstones, dunlins and a pair of Harlequin Ducks.
Harlequin Duck

A fine finish for a great day