Thursday, April 21, 2011

Florida Part Two

Thursday morning we woke up early to drive down to do photography at Joe Overstreet Landing. We stopped in photograph the beautiful sunrise on the road leading to the landing. On either side of the road were cattle farms or sod farms. We also was treated to the melodious sounds of Eastern Meadowlarks sitting on the posts at the side of the road. Above us on the electric poles and on the wires were loggerhead strikes and a bald eagle.


Cattle in the field

Eastern Meadowlark

Bald Eagle

Loggerhead Shrike

At the landing we would treated to Eagles and Sandhill cranes flying over us along with white Ibis, grackles and various other birds.

Easton Meadowlark

bald eagle in flight

female common grackle

close up of a white Ibis

white Ibis

Sandhill cranes in flight

Leaving Joe Overstreet Landing to travel to the Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area, there were cattle egrets in the fields along the road. I was able to capture a picture of a cattle egret in breeding plumage feasting on grasshoppers.

cattle egret in breeding plumage eating a grasshopper

At the Lake Jackson unit of the three Lakes wildlife management area the most notable finds were an adult and immature eagle in the nest right beside the road and a Red-shouldered Hawk.
adult and immature bald Eagles in nest

red-shouldered Hawk

In the woods of the Lake Jackson unit the trees were covered with hanging Spanish Moss which made for a great HDR scenic

trees with hanging Spanish Moss

And so ended the day of shooting many pictures, excellent encounters and just being with a great friend Ken..