Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The Puffin Pad is an alternative to a heavy beanbag in allowing you to photograph from your car. About a year ago I had seen an advertisement for the Puffin Pad and love the idea of a lightweight alternative from my very heavy beanbag especially when I was traveling. I had ordered one and arrived and it met my expectations.

Before I go on about the Puffin Pad, let me tell you about an event. Arriving on St. Paul island in the Pribillofs for a photo workshop, I met a gentleman who was willing to share a room at the hotel with me so we could save on the single supplement price. As we were settling in and talking, much to my surprise, my room mate was Ken Blye who with his partner Wayne Bennett was the inventor of the Puffin Pad.

The Puffin Pad is made to fit over the window and can rest on the door frame. It will stay in place even if you drive 50 miles an hour. Therefore you can leave it in place so you can be ready to photograph at a moments notice.

Here are pictures of the Puffin Pad and it being used.
you are able to use it on any flat surface

your knee with the puffin pad acts as a tripod
the puffin pad with the tether attached so you can carry it with you in the field
here I am using the puffin pad with my 500 mm lens

I smiled I was on candid camera

I have modified a Puffin Pad to use it as a support for my camera and lens so would be immediately available for me to use, rather than having to stop and pull up camera and lens from my backseat. I attached a mounting bracket to each side of the Puffin Pad and attached it to the armrest in my vehicle with a bungee cord. The lens and camera rest in the cutout of the Puffin Pad and I hold it in place with a second bungee cord.

I added clips on both sides of the puffin pad

here is the puffin pad being held in place by a bungee cord

there is my lens ready for use

When I am traveling, I place the Puffin Pad on the bottom of my duffel bag suitcase and rest my tripod in it. Although the puffin pad doesn't collapse by utilizing it in this way it really doesn't take up much space.

So in conclusion I really recommend the puffin pad as an alternative to a beanbag. It can be purchased directly by going to: or online at Amazon.com, Adorama, Hunts Photo, NatureScapes, Outdoor Photo Gear or by googling Puffin Pad.