Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Indian Pipe

This blog is about an unusual plant, it looks like a fungus since it is white in color, however,The plant is known as Indian Pipe or Corpse Plant. It is a flowering plant that is related to the dogwood. It does not have any chlorophyll and must get its energy and food from an outside source which includes fungus. It lives in areas that have decaying vegetation. And does not need any sunlight in order to live.
Indian Pipe D7K_1233 July 27, 2011 NIKON D7000
The coloration of the plant is sometimes completely white, but it does have black flecks in it and a pale pink coloration. There is a rare variant that can have a deep red color. when it is broken it turns black in color and will also turns black as the plant ages.

It size varies from 10 to 30 cm and it has small leaves that are 5 to 10 mm long. The stem has only one flower that has 3 to 8 petals. It flowers from early summer to early autumn.Indian Pipe D7K_1241 July 27, 2011 NIKON D7000

This specimen I found today was on my walk up to my mailbox at my condominium. It was located beneath pine trees pine trees in a large area of mulch. I picked up my mail and then return home to gather my macro equipment so I could take photographs of this plant. In some areas the plants is scarcer rare in occurrence and can be very common in other areas.

So when you are out walking whether it's around mulched flower beds are in the woods keep your eyes open for the Indian Pipe.