Monday, August 22, 2011

Rock On Rock

MSB_9168 August 20, 2011 NIKON D300SMSB_9166 August 20, 2011 NIKON D300SThe other day I was down at Allens Pond Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary to photograph their annual fundraiser "Duck Derby" I was introduced to a volunteer, Peter Wiizburger. Peter has an interesting avocation, he creates Rock Balancing Art. What he has done was create a number of rock artwork along the path that people will travel on the way to view the Derby.
I decided to feature his work and his story in today's blog. Here is his story in his own words.
MSB_9247 August 20, 2011 NIKON D300SMSB_9157 August 20, 2011 NIKON D300SMSB_9153 copy-2 August 20, 2011 NIKON D300S"In 2009 I added riding a mountain bike to my fitness regimen. Often times I found myself heading to the shorelines in New Bedford, Fairhaven and Dartmouth. In August of that year my cousin Marna who resides on Martha's Vineyard emailed me a link to an artist that balanced rocks, photographed them and sold the photographs. I was immediately intrigued by the rock "sculptures" and couldn't wait to try it myself. I made one in my backyard that day.  My time off soon included bike rides to the coastline and playing in the rocks with my point and shoot camera at the ready. I was so fortunate to find two activities that would successfully combine my fitness lifestyle with my desire to express myself creatively. The more rock balancing I did, the more I shared the photos with friends and family. In some ways I was not ready for the responses I received.  They were all positive responses but some were very emotional.  Viewing the photos touched people in different ways. Some saw things in the photos that I had not. Some photos reminded people of loved ones or past events. Some responded to the sculpture's connection to nature and the earth. As for myself, at the time, I was just stacking a bunch of rocks, nothing more. Now, after a couple of years of doing this I'm finding a lot of satisfaction in improving my balancing abilities and creating new styles of sculptures. I really enjoy talking to people who view my photos and getting their responses. No two ever seem to be the same. It's part of the reason I still have such a devotion to keep on rocking." MSB_9151 August 20, 2011 NIKON D300SMSB_9155 August 20, 2011 NIKON D300SMSB_9159 August 20, 2011 NIKON D300SMSB_9163 August 20, 2011 NIKON D300SMSB_9252 August 20, 2011 NIKON D300S.

You can contact Peter at and look at his video on youtube