Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Surrealistic Snowy Owl

I went back to Duxbury Beach yesterday and met my friend Chris to take him down to see if we could find the snowy owl.  It was an interesting morning, we were out to the end of the road just before Gurnet and we observed a red fox running through the marsh.  The light was very dim and therefore no picture was obtained.  We search with our binoculars.  The usual locations where a snowy owl has been found in the past, but no owl was present.  We traveled back down the road slowly, stopping, observing and even moving over to the beach to see if the snowy owl was anywhere in sight.  We finally located at the end of the marsh and did get some photographs of it.  It then flew carrying what appeared to be a duck out to a distant spit of land.  We traveled back up to the top of the road and slowly made our way back down.  The tide was coming in and when we got down to where the snowy owl was the part of of the marsh where it was sitting was almost on the water and the owl flew onto the land closer to us.  It was hidden partially in the marsh grasses.  After a while it started eating and then hopped way slightly clearer area of the marsh.  The photograph that I took of it hunched over its prey, I decided to make sure listed and here is the result.- Snowy ROT_1106 December 26, 2011 NIKON D3S 
The image was post processed utilizing NIK software (Color EFEX 4, VIVEZA) and Topaz software (LENS EFFECT)