Monday, January 30, 2012

More White-tailed Deer

I spent the other morning and evening in Rhode Island photographing White-tailed Deer, mostly at Sachuest National Wildlife Refuge in Middletown, Rhode Island.  In one of the fields beside the road that we were traveling down to Sachuest, we observed our first set of deer.  - White-tailed Deer- Buck 6 pts-ROT_5018 January 29, 2012 NIKON D3SThis group of 3 included one doe, one spike horned and a 6-point buck.  - ROT_5026-Edit January 29, 2012 NIKON D3SThey were feeding at the top of the field, right beside the woods.  I obtained my photographs by utilizing my Puffin Pad on the hood of my car.- White-tailed Deer -Buck- motionROT_4990 January 29, 2012 NIKON D3S
- White-tailed Deer -buck- Motion ROT_5011 January 29, 2012 NIKON D3S

In all the fields around the parking lot at Sachuest were many deer, all were antlerless, probably all does, however, there could be a buck among of them, which has already lost its antlers. - White-tailed Deed- Doe- Tail upD7K_2827 January 29, 2012 NIKON D7000 - D7K_2731-Edit-Edit January 29, 2012 NIKON D7000- White-tailed Deer - Does - tailD7K_2700 January 29, 2012 NIKON D7000After spending the morning hours photographing the deer.  We returned home and plan to return in the evening hours to continue photographing the deer and hopefully a raptor or 2 and maybe an owl.  Well, no raptors or owls showed up.  On one of the side fields, there was a herd of around 12 deer scattered all over the place.  2 young deer- ROT_5127-Edit January 29, 2012 NIKON D3S work their way slowly up to the path, ignoring all the people are walking on the path, that stopped to observed them, and then the deer slowly crossed the path and went into the woods.- ROT_5215-Edit January 29, 2012 NIKON D3S- ROT_5223-Edit January 29, 2012 NIKON D3S
Since we have had a mild winter without any snow that has persisted for a long time, the deer appeared extremely well fed and healthy.
The population of white tailed deer in Rhode Island and 2004 was estimated at around 16,000 and is believed the population is continuing to grow.  At Sachuest in a single day, I have seen almost as many as 30 deer.- White-tailed Deer - Doe - in grass-ROT_5100 January 29, 2012 NIKON D3S