Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Long Days Journey into Night

I just returned from a long weekend in South Texas, on the Gulf Coast.  There will be a number of blogs about my activities during that time.  But, first I must describe my trip.  "A Long Days Journey into Night". 

My flight left Boston on time and it was a wonderful flight until we got over Dallas.  We circled for an hour over Dallas because the airport was shut down secondary to heavy winds and wind shear.  The pilot then came on and said we would diverted to Shreveport, Louisiana, in order to pick up fuel.  We landed and Shreveport, where a few of the passengers who were going to Shreveport were allowed to deplane.  Finally, after we were refueled, we took off back to Dallas and finally landed.  The agent told me what gate.  I was supposed to leave out of headset to find out about my flight that I need to have to go to the gate.  The gate was in a different terminal, however, the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport has a great tram system to carry you be in between gates.  I arrived at my gate, and of course my plane had already left.  Standing in line, I waited for the next available agent and spoke to the lady standing beside me who was on a later flight to Corpus Christi and was hoping to get on an earlier flight.  I reached an agent and I gave her my ticket and looking up information about the next flights into Corpus Christi, she informed me that she could not get me into Corpus Christi until the middle of the next day.  My workshop started at 8 AM in the morning.  However, the agent stated that she could get me into Laredo or McAllen.  Both airports were about 120 miles away from Corpus Christi.  I had in the past phone into McAllen, so I decided to fly to that location.  I then called Hertz, and change my pickup of my rental car from Corpus Christi to McAllen.  On arriving at McAllen, I went to the Hertz counter and obtained the keys to my car.  I went out to the car and guess what, the car did not have the GPS system that I had ordered.  So, unpacked the car back to the counter and obtained a different car, which did contain the GPS system.  I have to go to the Corpus Christi Airport prior to going to the in that I was staying at because I needed to pick up my luggage.  I must say the drive to the Corpus Christi Airport was very smooth and looking at the night sky Venus and Jupiter were bright in the West, and they will say great moon in the East.  However, as we got closer to Corpus Christi the skies clouded over.  I arrived at the Corpus Christi Airport, obtained my luggage and then went to finish my journey to Fulton, Texas.  I tried in the address into my GPS,.  However, the street number could not be found.  I entered the lowest street number that was in the GPS and off I went with another 45 min. drive to Fulton.  When arrived at the address in Fulton, it was on a dead end street, and nowhere near the Inn.  I called the Inn on my cell phone and got directions and finally arrived at the Inn.  Very easy check in process at the Inn at Fulton Harbor.  I had started out from Boston at 9 AM Eastern Daylight Time, and ended up at Fulton, Texas at 10:30 PM Central Daylight Time.  "A Long Days Journey into Night.".