Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Allens Pond, Venus, Pleiades, and the Moon

- _DSC6567 April 03, 2012 NIKON D7000
25 second picture with Venus showing through the moving clouds
My plans were to go and photograph Venus and it's conjunction with the Pleiades, on the evening of April 3, since this is when Venus will be in the middle of the Pleiades.  My grandson, who was going to go with me, was over, his uncle's house doing some work for him, so, I plan to pick him up and travel out to Allens Pond Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary, where we were going to do our photography.  When I left the house, the skies were absolutely clear with no clouds in the sky.  We ate supper at my son's house and when we went to leave and looked at the sky, it was full of clouds.  We still decided to go out to Westport/Dartmouth to observe if there was any possibility of photographing the event that was occurring in the sky.
At the field station, there was intermittent clouds, and Venus was visible when the clouds were thin.
- _DSC6577 April 03, 2012 NIKON D7000
Field Sation and  Venus
- _DSC6579-Edit April 04, 2012 NIKON D7000
Venus Pleiades taken at the Stone Barn
The sky did clear and we took some photographs at the field station, and then left to photograph at the Stone Barn.  The sky did clear for some periods of time and did allow the capture of the event that we wanted.
- _DSC6587-Edit April 03, 2012 NIKON D7000
Moon and clouds over the Stone Barn
The Moon, which is in the waxing gibbous stage (the full Moon will be April 6) was in the clouds and gave the Stone Barn, a ghostly appearance.
- Pano moon clouds April 04, 2012_
Waxing Gibbous Moon and Clouds
This is a stitched sequence of three photographs of the moon with the clouds as they moved over it.
If tonight is clear, I probably will go back out and take more photographs of this event, which only occurs around every 8 years.