Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Traveling Camera Bag from Think Tank Photo

For my travels, I utilize the Think Tank Photo Original Airport Security rolling bag, I like it, but my only two complaints are: first, it is heavy 2nd, it is hard sometimes to get down the aisle of the plane.  Think Tank Photo has addressed these issues with the release of a brand-new product.
Think Tank Photo just let us know that in May it will release its first four-wheeled rolling camera bag, the Airport 4-Sight™.  The Airport 4-Sight meets international airline carry-on standards. The roller’s weight has been reduced dramatically through innovative design and by a strict focus on the features that photographers find most beneficial.
With professional photography gear not getting any lighter, Think Tank set out to design a more ergonomic roller to reduce fatigue and strain on traveling photographers.  Walking a four-wheeler alongside one’s self is easier than pulling it behind or carrying it over a shoulder. Putting the bags weight on four-wheels eliminates arm strain and makes rolling effortless.

Four-wheelers are superior on many smooth surfaces. On thick carpet, the Airport 4-Sight leans over to perform as a traditional two-wheel roller. It has the added benefit of rolling sideways on two wheels to easily navigate tight spaces, such as airline aisles.

It features include:High capacity.  Holds Pro DSLRs with four to five lenses. 
  • Integrated removable Think Tank Cable Management organizer.
    Side hinged lid opens bag completely for quick and unencumbered access to gear.
    Two-position locking handle for comfort and ergonomics.
    Zippered top pocket for boarding pass.
    Lockable zipper sliders on main compartment.
    Reinforced bottom panel for increased durability.
    User replaceable handle and wheels.
    Seam sealed rain cover included.
    YKK RC-fused™ zippers.

To find out more about the product and to be informed when it is released.  Please use the following link
personally, I cannot wait to obtain this new camera bag.  I also utilize their Shape Shifter® Camera Bag as my second carry-on to carry extra gear, lenses and my 17 in laptop which fits into it.  It is lightweight and has a great back-pack harness sysytem. For more information and to order and enter the code number WS-542