Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bird-a-thon 2012

Bird-a-thon for 2012.
From 6 PM Friday night, May 11 2 6 PM Saturday, May 12, Paul Champlin, and I were a team that was birding far Allens Pond Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary, among many other teams.  During this period, we ended up when 153 species of different birds.  With all the other teams, Allens Pond was up to 190 species and there were still some teams that had not reported in at the end of the day on Saturday.  This was both our best totals and the sanctuaries best totals.  I wish to thank the people that have contributed and also asked for those who have not contributed you still have time to contribute to this worthy cause.  Just click on this URL and any amount will be appreciated:
- _D8C0013 May 11, 2012 NIKON D800
Our birding started out Friday evening At Plymouth Beach. From the parking lot.  We started walking the 2 1/2 miles down toward the tip of the beach.  I wish to thank Scott Hecker, executive director of the Goldenrod Foundation, who kindly gave us a ride down to the Goldenrod house on the beach.- _D8C0018 May 11, 2012 NIKON D800and He then showed us the piping plover nest that was behind the house, which he is monitoring.  At present there is only one egg on the nest, but the plovers are very protective of it.  The female piping plover use the broken wing display - _D8C0036-Edit May 11, 2012 NIKON D800to draw us away from the nest and the male piping plover was somewhat aggressive toward us. - _D8C0038 May 11, 2012 NIKON D800- _D8C0054 May 11, 2012 NIKON D800 I was able to obtain photographs of the plovers and the nest in a very short period of time, and then we left them not to disturb them any further.  From there we walked down to the tip of the beach collecting species on the way, plus some interesting photographs. 
- _D8C0104-Edit May 13, 2012 NIKON D800
Shorebirds in flight
- _D8C0154 May 11, 2012 NIKON D800
Common Tern

- _D8C0211 May 11, 2012 NIKON D800
Common Tern in flight with fish

- _D8C0213-Edit May 11, 2012 NIKON D800
Terns against bthe cloudsd
- _D8C0225 May 11, 2012 NIKON D800
Double-crested Comorants

- _D8C0278 May 11, 2012 NIKON D800
Common Tern with fish looking for mate

- _D8C0306 May 11, 2012 NIKON D800
American Oystercater
- _D8C0351 May 11, 2012 NIKON D800
Black-throated Blue Warbler
- _D8C0362 May 11, 2012 NIKON D800
- _D8C0378-Edit May 11, 2012 NIKON D800
Last look over the seas
- _D8C0381_HDR May 11, 2012 NIKON D800
Last light of Sunset
We had a total of 51 species for that portion of the evening.  Besides the usual, we found the roseate turn, purple sandpipers, a little blue Heron, and 3 Manx Shearwater's.  We then walked the 2 1/2 miles back to the car, where we left for Myles Standish state forest, where we obtained a Screech Owl, Saw-whet Owl  and a Whippoorwill.
We finished the night at approximately 1130 at my house, then Paul left for his house, preparing to meet at 430 in the morning.
- _D8C0390 May 12, 2012 NIKON D800
Common Grackle
- _D8C0391 May 12, 2012 NIKON D800
Eastern Cottontail
- _D8C0424-Edit May 12, 2012 NIKON D800
Great Blue Heron
At 430 on Saturday, we filled our coffee cups and departed for our first stop of the day, Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.  We had arrive prior to 6 AM when the gates open for visitors, so we did find a parking space and walked down toward the cemetery, when we noticed that they also open the gates for the road.  I went back and and drove the car so to parked it in the cemetery.  - _D8C0383 May 12, 2012 NIKON D800Mount Auburn Cemetery is a beautiful place, it is a national landmark, an active cemetery, a Botanical garden and a nature refuge.. - _D8C0413 May 12, 2012 NIKON D800
Virginia Rail
Virginia Rail
Virginia Rail
Virginia Rail
After birding Mount Auburn, we traveled to great Meadows national wildlife sanctuary, Concord Unit.  Where I had a Virginia Rail, come out right in front of me.

- _D8C0485-Edit May 12, 2012 NIKON D800
Cooper's Hawk agaist the moon
Besides the usual subjects, a marsh Wren put on a display and a Cooper's Hawk also did a display over our heads.- _D8C0461 May 12, 2012 NIKON D800- _D8C0471 May 12, 2012 NIKON D800
We then traveled to Wompatuck state forest, Hingham Massachusetts, where, among some of the species were a Cerulean Warbler and a Hooded Warbler.  We then traveled to Daniel Webster Audubon sanctuary to obtain our next group of birds, which included a Solitary Sandpiper.- _D8C0537-Edit May 12, 2012 NIKON D800

- _D8C0516 May 12, 2012 NIKON D800
- _D8C0589 May 12, 2012 NIKON D800
Pine Warbler with Moth
After leaving Daniel Webster, we then traveled back to Myles Standish, where we obtained a Pine and Prairie Warbler, among other species.

We finally ended up at Allens Pond and were able to obtain at least another half dozen different species for our list.
We ended the day, with a pizza party for the participants and a total thing of all, although species that were found by the various teams.- _D8C0600-Edit May 12, 2012 NIKON D800
Another successful bird-a-thon was over and now it is time to plan for Allens Pond grand opening of the Stone Barn Educational Center Allensand the Annual Duck Derby.