Saturday, June 9, 2012

Water Drop Workshop

I attended a water drops workshop, led by Susan Candelario and Roman M. Kurywczak and organized by a meet up group organized by Amy.
The workshop started with a presentation and it question-and-answer session on how to do water drop and collision images after we finished with the presentation.  We were split up into 2 separate groups, and then proceeded through 2 different stations that was set up so we could capture images utilizing our own cards and by us pressing the trigger to create the photograph.  Each station was set up with the appropriate gear, including a camera, a macro lens, and the multiple flashes needed.  By using this type of set up.  We weren't sure of getting images for our own use and learning out to capture water drops..  The advantage to this was to save time in resetting up for each person's own personal gear.
The workshop was an enjoyable and if you can take a workshop presented by these 2 great instructors, on water and drop photography, I highly recommend it.
Susan had her e-book on CD on how to do high-speed water drop photography available for purchase.
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