Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friday's Walk at Great Neck

The South Coast Audubon Sanctuaries, which consist of Allens Pond and Great Neck Sanctuaries sponsors at Great Neck, free Friday walks in collaboration with the Wareham Land Trust.  I was proud to lead Friday's walk, which was entitled "Photographing Wildlife with Your Camera."
Great Neck is more than an ecological treasure; it’s testimony of successful land conservation partnerships. Public and private conservation organizations, as well as private land owners, worked together to ensure that this special place will remain a wildlife sanctuary for all to enjoy. Members of this effective collaborative to protect the land include the Wareham Land Trust, Department of Conservation and Recreation, town of Wareham, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Mass Audubon.
We had a good number of attendees, whose cameras ranged from point-and-shoot to DSLS.  After introductions, and passing out some handouts with tips on how to photograph wildlife, I discussed basics of exposure, use of tripods, and the most important fact, "know your camera.".
We traveled down to an Osprey nest and everyone hoped that the Osprey would be present and allow for some nice photography, but as usual, nothing is what you want in wildlife and nature photography.  You take what you can take and make the best of it.
On the walk.  I did not bring my camera, but spent the time helping the participants with their settings, learning about histograms and how to bill exposure compensation, which helped a number of obtain better pictures.  At the end, the number of people told me that they really let the lot on this walk.
All the following pictures, were taken by my grandson Kyle, who was the reporting photographer for this walk.