Monday, August 13, 2012

Perseids Yes-Photos, No.

We returned Sunday evening into Sunday night to try to obtain photographs of the Perseids meteor shower.  The night started out with almost completely clear skies and occasional cloud.  We saw a number of meteors, however, were not able to capture them in the camera because of three reasons.  The first reason, we were not photographing at the time they occurred and secondly, as it got later in the night and the temperature dropped the camera lenses fogged up due to the amount of water vapor in the year that condensed on them.  The final reason was just when the show was going to get great clouds and fog came in and obscured the sky.  We waited for a half-hour and it did not clear up.  In fact, when we arrived back at the house, the skies were clear, we could see some meteors, but because of the ambient light from the street lamps and house lights made it difficult to obtain a photograph.
 _D8C8369 August 12, 2012 NIKON D800 _D8C8432 August 12, 2012 NIKON D800
I had a 2nd camera set up with a fisheye lens to obtain an hour exposure and create star trails.  Because of the fogged lens and then the clouds I only captured a portion of the trails. I did not expect the fogging, so I didn't use the trick that might friend Roman taught me.  The trick is to utilize hand warmers attached to the barrel of the lens to prevent fogging.
 _D7K3588 August 12, 2012 NIKON D7000
Oh well, there are more meteor showers coming during the rest of the year and we will try again.  Never Say Never!