Monday, September 24, 2012

A Few Butterflies in Yellowstone

Besides the White-spotted Sawyer that I talked about in my last post, I was able to photograph a couple of butterflies.  One is a Fritillary, which species, I am not sure of as yet, I believe it may be a Edward's Fritillary.  The others were two different species of Commas.  The only way I was able tell the Commas apart, was the difference in the white marking on their hind wing, when the wing was closed.  The Satyr Comma marking looks like a small half-moon, and the Hoary Comma marking looks like a fish hook.
 DSC_0586 September 09, 2012 NIKON D3S
I titled the following picture B and B after the liquor
Notice the difference n the comma appearance on the next two pictures
 Hoary Comma - Polygonia gracilis,
Hoary Comma
Satyr Comma (Polygonia satyrus)
Satyr Comma

 _D8C4416 September 13, 2012 NIKON D800