Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lighthouses on Cape Cod, Part Three

Continuing my blogs about lighthouses on Cape Cod.  Nauset lighthouse as a very interesting history.  The first lighthouse station in Eastham consisted of a group of three brick towers completed in 1838.  Because of erosion of the cliff edge, the brick towers were replaced by three wooden lighthouses, known as the Three Sisters.  In 1911, because, again, of the encroaching shoreline, the lights were moved again.  Two of the lights were sold at auction and the third was moved back and attach to the keepers house.  The original wooden lighthouses have been restored and are located up the road from the present lighthouse.
Nauset Light
Nauset Light was built in 1877 and was originally located in chatter Massachusetts as a twin to the lighthouse that is presently, there.  In 1923.  The light was moved from Chatham to Eastham and was reconstructed at 200 feet from the edge of the cliff.  In 1940s, Nauset light was painted red and white, to coincide with its  Red and white lights.  Coastal erosion continued to plague this lighthouse.  So in 1996.  It was moved in one piece to the new site where it presently located.
Nauset LightNauset Light