Tuesday, November 27, 2012

REDGED TSC-428 Travel Tripod.

I am writing about in reviewing the REDGED TSC-428 travel tripod.  I have owned one since June and have taken it on numerous trips.  It is extremely sturdy, compact (fits into my checked baggage) lightweight and supports my gimbal head, Nikon D 800, and Nikon 500 mm F/4 lens without any difficulty.  It is extremely easy to set up the way it is constructed a half turn of the knobs and you can extend the legs.  Another I have turned and the legs are locked in place.  It is made of carbon fiber and its cost is much less than comparable Gitzo tripods.

The tripod comes with a removable center post, which I do not use and have taken it off, so I could get closer to the ground and the height of the tripod is more than adequate for me, at 5'6".  They do have a number of different model and sizes.  The company is in the Netherlands, I purchased mine through Amazon.com. Redged Ultimate Travel Tripod Carbon 4 Section TSC-428

But what really impressed me is this service.  One of the lower leg blocking knobs came loose in the lower leg fell out.  This was not realize till we had returned to the car.  Upon searching where we had been we did find the lower leg, however, the gaskets were lost.  I sent an email to the company asking how I could replace the gaskets for my tripod, I did tell him the model number and what was lost.  To my surprise, the return email asked me for my mailing address so they could send me the replacement parts.  Boy, that is really customer service.