Monday, December 10, 2012

Airport 4-Sight Four-Wheeled Roller Temporary Price Reduction!

Our friends at Think Tank Photo just announced that their new Airport 4-Sight four-wheel roller is available in limited quantities at a temporary price reduction to $249.75. This is a $50 savings over the regular price

When I fly, the Airport 4-Sight four-wheel roller is my travel bag.  It will hold my Nikon 500 mm F/4 lens without any difficulty, most of my other equipment.  What doesn't fit into the roller.  I fit into Think Tank Photo's Shape-Shifter bag, which will also hold my 17 inch laptop.  The Airport 4-Sight bag will also fit in the overhead compartment on some of the regional jets, so you do not have to place it into the baggage compartment.

With the Airport 4-Sight’s four swiveling wheels, you are free to move about the airline cabin like never before. Unlike traditional two wheeled rolling bags, the 4-Sight can be rolled along side you, reducing fatigue while hauling gear around town or through crowded airports.

As airlines continue to tighten down weight restrictions, it is more important than ever to have a lightweight bag that offers sufficient space for your gear. The Airport 4-Sight is one of the lightest rollers to meet domestic and international carry-on standards. The 4-Sight comfortably carries up to two standard DSLR bodies with lenses attached and an additional three to five standard lenses. If you use a battery grip or pro bodies with a vertical grip, the 4-Sight offers a number of potential configurations for your gear as well.

Free Gift and Free Shipping With Your Order
As one of my friends, in addition to saving $50 on your order of the Airport 4-Sight you will receive free gear with your order and receive free FedEx Ground shipping!  The free gear and free shipping are good on all of your orders of all gear from Think Tank through December 31, 2012.

Email Think Tank at or give them a call at (866)558-4465 ext 1 and they will be happy to help you find the right gear for the job.  All of their customer service members are experienced photographers with a vast knowledge of camera support solutions.  It is helpful to note that they don’t work on commission, so you can be assured that they are simply trying to help you find the right gear for your needs.  Be sure to mention my special code, which is WS-542