Friday, January 4, 2013

Review of "The Guide to Tropical Nature Photography"

For all you photographers who are thinking about traveling to the tropics, either by yourself or on a workshop, I am recommending a brand-new E-book "The Guide to Tropical Nature Photography" by Gregory Basco and Glenn Bartley.  I know both of these fine gentleman, and they are outstanding photographers and in this e-book have put together their knowledge of how to obtain outstanding photographs in the tropics.  It is available in a PDF format and viewable on your computer, tablet or iPad.  It is available at

The book has over 400 pages of information and photographs.  Among the topics covered are:
- Exposure strategies for natural light.

- Auto-focus and other settings for shooting wildlife.

- Beginning and advanced flash techniques.

- Sharpness, exposure, and depth of field concerns for tropical landscapes.

- Natural history tips to help you find great subjects.

- Gear recommendations and post-processing tips.

One of the items that I like in the e-book is that The authors  discuss differences between Nikon and Canon and how to set your camera and flashes to obtain the best from each.

A lot of the information also pertains to no matter where you are photographing, especially techniques for obtaining sharp images, what to look for in backgrounds, and post-processing to name a few.

Because I believe this e-book is so important, it is now installed on my computer, iPad and in Dropbox so I can reference it wherever and whenever I want.

This e-book is definitely worth the price and I give it five stars.

Here is the introductory video from the Guide's site.