Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunset at Horseneck Beach

Bathhouse with late afternoon sky behind
Last night decided to try for a sunset that a different location. I have been shooting sunsets from Gooseberry Neck, but since hurricane Sandy you have not been able to drive onto the neck to the parking lot. Therefore, I chose to photograph sunset from the beach at Horseneck Beach State Reservation. The temperature when we arrived was in the high upper 40s, but closer you got to the beach there was a very brisk wind blowing in the 10 to 20 miles an hour range. We arrived about a half hour prior to sunset and set up. First I took a picture of the bathhouse with the late afternoon sky behind it. Next were pictures of the dunes with the sky behind. Then went down on the beach, photograph the sunset with people walking on the beach. In the sunset itself. When the sun sank below the horizon there was a large shaft the light that went up into the sky. I finished the shot with the picture of the dunes and just the bright sunset sky behind them.
Sunset Over the Dunes
Walking on the Beach at Sunset
Sun Setting


Shaft of Sunlight
Dunes after sunset