Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Do not forget that the first meteor shower of the year occurs tonight. I will be hosting an event at the stone barn starting at midnight, so that people can view the shower. The sky is supposed to be clear and the weather cold. So dress warmly, bring a chair. They will be coffee and hot chocolate and snacks available.
If you're interested in taking photographs and trying to capture a meteor. You need to bring a camera with the wide-angle lens, shutter release and a sturdy tripod. I will help you set up your camera so you can try to capture a meteor.

Hope to see you there.
Take the first right after the Field Station (Horseneck Road again) drive down and you will see the Quansett Nursery Sign on your right, just a short way down beyond on the right is the unpaved road into the stone barn.  There are signs.