Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Second Eastern Screech Owl

Because of a change in Doug's schedule, we're going out birding now on Tuesdays.  Today we went out to see if we can find the Barrow's Goldeneye that has been present on the Seekonk River in Providence, Rhode Island.  We located a large raft of ducks off of River Avenue, and searching them, I did see the Barrow's Goldeneye, but was unable to obtain a photograph.

The best find of the day, was another red-phase Eastern Screech Owl.  What made this find so wonderful is that I was the one to see and discover the owl.  We decided to visit Colt State Park in Bristol, Rhode Island.  Slowly driving up the main driveway, there were a couple of trees that look that they would damaged in the storm and had warning tape around, around the trunk.  As I pass the second tree, I noticed something unusual in a hole in the trunk.  I pulled the car over, backed up, and looked, and it was an Eastern Screech Owl, just sitting there out in the open.  So pulled off to the side, warning lights on, and out came the tripod, camera and lens.  I obtained a set of pictures, and the first one, the owl had its eyes almost completely shut, it then woke up and open up its eyes.  I then obtained some location photographs of where the owl was.  Looking at the owls pictures, it looks like it's left eye is injured.