Monday, February 18, 2013

E-Book Review "Bird and Nature Photography 101"

I just finished reading "Bird and Nature Photography 101" written by my friend David Hemmings, who is a well-known nature photographer from Canada.

A quote from the introduction: "Are you new to nature photography? Do all of the endless choices of equipment seem a little overwhelming? Are you confused with all of those mode options on your camera and the “photography lingo” used to describe them?
Would you like to become a better and more knowledgeable outdoor bird and nature photographer quickly and easily?
This eBook has been written and designed to provide you with a solid, basic understanding of all the fundamentals of SLR (single lens reflex) photography in our great outdoors. In the book I will be talking about and explaining everything from A to Z as it pertains to using your DSLR in the outdoors enabling you to quickly become a better photographer and understand and enjoy this wonderful activity to its fullest. "

Well, the book does this and more.  It goes through understanding digital SLR terms, the "exposure triangle", understanding your camera, histograms, shooting modes, equipment, plus many other concepts and techniques to help you improve your photography.

I recommend this book highly for both beginning and intermediate photographer's.  A lot of the information in the book can be applied to other types of photography.  Besides nature and wildlife.

All this information, plus some beautiful photographs are available in this 91 page E-book.  The book is available both as an e- book and a paperback from or from Lulu