Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Blizzard of 2013

Back porch as the snow is starting
This will be a long blog encompassing Friday through Saturday afternoon. A blizzard watch was in place from 7 AM Friday through 1 PM on Saturday. At my condominium complex the snow's started following about 8:00 AM but didn't start getting heavier till around noon and the real heavy snow did not start to evening. When the heavy snow started it started coming down extremely hard, the winds picked up and we had to driving snow all night. In fact, in the morning could not look out my windows and doors since they were covered with snow. The snow's started dissipating by 11 AM, when everybody went out the clean off the cars and wait for the plow to come by and clean out the parking spots. Even though the sun had come out in the sky was a nice shade of blue with clouds, when there was a gust of wind and because the snow was dry and powdery it still cause some white out conditions. I did pose some of these pictures on Facebook but I am including them here for those people who do not follow me on Facebook.

Early evening

Back porch after the snow became heavier

Heavier snow

View through the front door

My car

Our parking lot
Grandson Shoveling the Walk

Conifer covered with Snow


Sky and Clouds after the Blizzard

No Mail Today
Enjoying the Snow

Snow-covered Condominiums

Downed Conifer

Main Driveway

If any of the othe treesa fell we would have lost power since they would have taken down all the wires

The sky still had hint of weather