Friday, March 15, 2013

Post-processing-Sky Replacement

When I am out photographing, one of the things that I have been doing is taking photographs of skies and clouds.  The reason for that is there are times that I want to replace a boring sky with a more pleasing sky.  This past fall, I was at a workshop, where Betty Wiley presented a lecture and tutorial on how to replace the sky.  I utilize this technique for artistic reasons.  In Lightroom, I created a collection that I named Backgrounds, which is where I can search for a background to replace in the picture that I am working on.I then export both pictures into Photoshop where I can use Betty's techniques.

Betty Wiley is a noted photographer who lives on Cape Cod, you.  You can see her work and get information about her courses at If you can take one of her classes, I would highly recommend it.

Utilizing Betty's techniques.  Here here before and after images of Bass Harbor Light that I took in Maine at Acadia.

Original, notice that the sky is a dove gray
Sky background that I used
The final image