Saturday, May 11, 2013

Birding with Friends

Red-winged Blackbird in flight
Allens Pond Audubon Sanctuary had on Friday a program Birding with Friends, which was from 8:00 AM-11:00 AM.  The morning started out foggy and a little damp and we traveled and birded the Quonset Trail and along the Fresh Pond Trail.  Along the way, we observed 53 different species of birds, including eight species of warblers.  One of the most interesting observation was a Green Heron, who was sitting in a tree in the middle of the forest.  This is not a usual spot to see a Green Heron, but as we were returning back to the field station, the Green Heron was on the marsh.

Green Heron in the woods
The trees are just starting to bud and fill out.  The wood anemones are starting to bloom as spring is starting to progress in the fields and woods.
Wood Anemone

Spider Web
Barn swallows in the fog

After the walk ended, Doug and I took a few of the participants down to the culvert and the pannes, where we had a look at many Willits and saw and heard the Clapper Rail.  Finally, Doug and I just went down to the beach, where we had a Piping Plover and a peep possibly a White-rumped Sandpiper.
Clapper Rail in the pannes
Piping Plover
Peep possible White-rumped Sandpiper

Right now, there are two more walks scheduled: May 24th and May 31st.  You can either register in advance or register the day of the program.  The cost is $4 for members and $6 for nonmembers.

On May 17 and May 18 is the annual fundraiser, Bird-a-Thon, and I will be participating for Allens Pond and Team Raymond.  All donations are welcome, and you can pledge at a FirstGiving fundraising page already set up