Saturday, May 18, 2013

Quick Trip on the Beach Loop at Allens Pond

Willet on Tree Swallow Nest Box
Today's blog is also going to include some photos that my grandson shot yesterday while we were at Allens Pond.  We went there to see if we could photograph.  The Killdeer chicks that have been seen.  Well, despite our looking we couldn't find them, however, the Willits, a Piping Plover and Least Sandpipers gave us some subjects to photograph.

My grandson Kyle, has been only photographing for around a year and is a excellent student and has mastered the the fundamentals of the exposure triangle and loves to shoot in manual.  His main love is photographing hip-hop shows.

As we left the field station and will walking through the field toward the beach loop, on top of the tree swallow houses Willits were standing on them and gave us our first photos.
Willet in Flight, Having Just Left the Top of Nest Box

Next on the beach, there was a piping plover running around and feeding.  As we continue down the beach and looked for the Killdeer chicks, all we saw was one adult flying away from us.
Piping Plover Scratching for Food- Kyle

Because I had a get my grandson home so he could get ready for work, we started back, but at the culvert and pannes were more Willits and a nice group of Least Sandpipers.  We did have an enjoyable morning.
Least Sandpiper, notice the slightly downturn bill and yellow legs - Kyle

Least Sandpipers