Friday, June 14, 2013

Photographing a Beach Ramble with a Macro Lens

Shells and a Feather

The other day, my friend Doug was at Allens Pond Sanctuary teaching one of the interns out to conduct a beach ramble.  I went along, not only to help, but also photograph some of the subjects that we found.  For all these photographs, I utilized my 180 mm Tamron macro lens, not only as a macro lens, but also as a landscape lens.

Rosa rugosa

During a beach ramble, you never know what you will find on the beach, because it varies depending on the tides, storms and surf.  At present the beach is covered with cobbles, rounded stones that have been brought in by the waves.  Some of the items that we found were different shells, seaweed, lobster pots and parts of lobster pots and a dead blue shark.


Cobbles and the Surf

The Surf

Shells and Seaweed on Top of the Cobbles

An old bone, possibly a tibia, which was very light, because I lot of the calcium was leached out

Parts of a lobster trap

Washed up Lobster Trap

Slipper shells
An Old Rib

See Lettice 

Mussel shell

Dead Man Fingers

Claw from Spider Crab

Blue Crab Cast

Sea Clam

Lady Crab Cast



Beach Pea