Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nickerson Beach Nassau County Park, Long Island, New York

Black Skimmer in Flight
I just returned from a weekend workshop at Nickerson Beach Park, located on Long Island.  First, I want to thank Denise Ippolito for running a great event and all her help and teaching.  We arrived at the beach between 5:35 AM to 5:45 AM and were out photographing before the sun rose and continued photographing until we lost the great light and then went to brunch at a great bagel place and had a lecture.  The first day, we returned back to the beach at 4 PM, and photographed until sunset.  Because we arrived in the afternoon before 6 PM, we had to pay an entrance fee to the beach.  It was worth it.

Nickerson Beach is a 120-acre Park that borders the Atlantic Ocean.    Depending on the month, there is a large variety of nesting birds, including Black Skimmers, American Oystercatchers, Piping Plovers, Least and Common Terns and a variety of gulls.
American Oystercatcher

Nickerson Beach has been part of the Nassau County Park systems since 1967 and the beach is approximately a half mile-long.  There are restrooms, and a food concession area.  If you like photographing birds, this is a great area to visit.

Further blogs will detail the interactions that I had with the different species of birds.