Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Night Sky, Milky Way, and Light-Painting

Looking South - Milky Way, light-painting of a tree with the red light, with Scorpio behind the tree
As I had written in my last blog that that night, I was going out to the Stone Barn to photograph the Milky Way.  It turned out to be a wonderful evening and night.  The weather was just perfect, skies absolutely clear, minimal wind, sparkling skies and even some meteors.  My grandson and I arrived around 830 and set up our equipment and then just waited to the skies got dark enough.  We photographed until around 10 o'clock, changing locations where we photographed and experimenting with Light painting.  Even though the peak time for the Perseids is the 11 through 13 August, people are reporting 10 or more meteors per hour, so if you have a chance to get out and the night is clear look to the sky, because the meteors can be anywhere.

The Milky Way directly overhead

Looking north, Fernandez's house light painted and the Big Dipper overhead

Looking south, from the Stone Barn, utilizing a fisheye lens, the Milky Way and the foreground light-painted