Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review of TurnStyle Sling Bag

On August August 16 I wrote a blog about Think Tanks Photo new TurnStyle Sling Bags.  I have been utilizing model number 20 as my go around bag.  It is easily configured to the needs of what ever the Photoshoot for that day is.  If I am going out to photograph birds or animals, the sling bag will hold my D 800+ 70-200 F2 .8 lens along with a small a second lens and a tele-converter, plus memory cards, batteries, microfiber cloth, etc. if it's over your shoulder and easily swings in front of you so that you can get at the equipment you need easily.You are also able to configure the TurnStyle Sling Bag as a waist pack, which gives you more versatility.

I really do not have any cons about this bag, the only thing that I wish is that I had this bag a lot sooner, like years ago.

Now if you are traveling and need a lot more equipment, of course, one of their larger bags will suit the purpose, but into my checked luggage, I am still going to include the TurnStyle Sling Bag because it is an easy way to carry whatever additional accessories and/or lenses that I may need out in the field.

Because my assistant photographer has been working, so he could not take any pictures of me with the sling bag , but I will include some pictures shortly in an other blog post.

The bag is extremely well constructed, contains no PVCs and has a no rhetoric warranty.  If you are interested just click on this URL, also if you purchase over $50 worth of merchandise you get a free gift: http://www.thinktankphoto.com/categories/sling-camera-bags/turnstyle.aspx?code=WS-542

The TurnStyle sling bags are made in three sizes, TurnStyle 5 made for a mirrorless system, TurnStyle 10 is made for a standard DSLR + 1-3 lenses, and TurnStyle 20 fits a standard D SLR +1-4 lenses and a large tablet.
Think Tank Photo also has a 30 day return policy.  I have a number of their bags and accessories and have never had to return anything because it fell apart. So go ahead and order one, I know you will like it.