Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Continuing the White Mountain Trip

Fall Foliage over the White Mountains
Continuing our trip to the White Mountains, we travel through back roads, both Crawford Notch and Pinkham Notch finally ending up on route 16 above Berlin New Hampshire.  We visited Glenn Ellis Falls, going down in areas a a muddy path and at the bottom, looking at a beautiful waterfall.  Apparently in the spring, when the water is really running high, you can get soaked at the bottom.  The Silver Cascade in Crawford Notch was not running as nice as it was in the spring, but with the foliage around the cascade made for a great picture and I also made a video of the cascade.  We finished the evening at the marshes, way above Berlin New Hampshire, where we had a great sunset, but no moose.

A Country Road in New Hampshire
Birch Trees and Foliage

Blur of the Birch Trees and Foliage
Glenn Ellis Falls

Glenn Ellis Falls

Glenn Ellis Falls
Silver Cascade