Friday, November 1, 2013

First Day Photographing around Jasper

Pyramid Lake and Pyramid Peak
For our first full day in Jasper.  We started out visiting Pyramid Lake and Pyramid Peak for a sunrise Photoshoot and then travel to Patricia Lake, not only looking for wildlife, but also to photograph the Mountains and the beautiful Lake.  However, we did not find any wildlife to photograph.

Rock and Plants with reflections In Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake and Pyramid Peak in black and white

Clouds over Pyramid Peak Lighting up from Sunrise

Pyramid Peak Lit up by the Sun
 In the afternoon, we drove to places where there should have been wildlife and in fact, covered over 150 miles, and the only wildlife that we photographed, was a coyote out the car window, and a Gray Jay. However, we did get some excellent shots of the Maligne Mountains.
Gray Jay
 Returning to the hotel, we found Elk as usual on the property.
Bull Moose and Cow in background
 Because Jasper is a known dark sky location and the night sky was clear, after supper, we traveled back to Patricia Lake and photograph the Milky Way and all the beautiful stars.  It felt you can reach out and just touch the stars.  They were more stars than you could imagine.  I did a four photograph panorama of the Milky Way stretching from one end of the lake over to the other end of the lake.  I even caught some meteors in my photographs

Milky Way over Patricia Lake

Milky Way at Patricia Lake, trees, led by car light

four shot stitched panorama of the Milky Way at Patricia Lake
Big Dipper and Polaris
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