Friday, January 17, 2014

Topaz Clarity Workflow

One of my readers asked a question about Topaz Clarity plug-in. First I am an affiliate of Topaz, but I wouldn't recommend it if I wasn't using it and love it.

What I decided to do in this blog is to show you my workflow and post-processing a photo that I took the other day. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me, I will answer them as soon as possible, however, I am leaving for Canada on Tuesday and will not be back until the following Monday morning. I will be up photographing Snowy, Northern Hawk, and Great Gray Owls in Alberta Canada.

The original
The original with Lightroom adjustments
The screen to open Topaz photoFXlab.exe. I have Lightroom configured to use the shortcut > control + shift + E
Inside photoFXlab click plug-ins
Here is the list of plug-ins
Click Clarity
First pick the collection then pick the preset
Steps to use in clarity
An additional steps in clarity if you have to adjust hue-saturation-luminance. You also can mask these changes to areas that they are not needed in. Then you click OK to close clarity

 Now I picked the Plug-in Detail to increase the detail
You follow the same steps as you did in clarity with detail except detail will allow you to apply your settings and then add additional settings in a different portion of detail.
In the main Topaz photoFXlab window you can do further adjustments to the picture if needed then click okay which will bring the picture back into Lightroom
In Lightroom, I first adjusted the highlights because there were a few blinkies present and then I cropped the picture
Final image
An animated GIF showing original and final image
This was a long blog to prepare and I hope it is useful for you. BTW you can do the same steps in Photoshop with the Topaz Suite.