Thursday, February 20, 2014

Waterfowl at Jenney Pond Plymouth Massachusetts

American Black Duck
Yesterday after I dropped my grandson off at work , I Traveled down to Plymouth to Jenney Pond because there was a pair of common mergansers reported at that location. Since the weather has been below freezing most of the pond was frozen over which concentrates the waterfall into a smaller area. Because usually they are swimming along the father shore I utilized the to ask convertor on my 500 mm lens so I could get larger images into my pictures. However, at times I had too much lens because some of the action was taken place close to me and so I had to move backwards to try to get the entire duck in the picture.

There was a lot of mating action going on with the mallards. The Drake Mallard would climb on the back of the Hen Mallard, grab her head with his bill and complete the copulation. Afterwards the Drake would swim around with its head extended at the water line. Both of them would then preen and then flap their wings.
Mallards Mating

Drake Mallard Swimming after Mating

Hen Mallard Came on the Ice to Preen

Hen Mallard Flapping after Preening

A pair of Gadwalls were feeding and the Drake Gadwall really showed off its cinnamon-edged scapular's.
Gadwalls Feeding

Notice the Nice Cinnamon Brown on the Drake Gadwall

Both the Drake Ring-Necked Duck and the Drake Bufflehead was showing off their iridescent colors.

Drake Bufflehead

Hen Bufflehead

Drake Bufflehead Showing Its Iridescence

Drake Bufflehead Up-Right and Hooting

Ring-necked Duck

Ring-necked Duck

Well, the common mergansers were not there, but the action was great.