Monday, March 31, 2014

A Review of a Comprehensive Wildlife Photographer-a Program Designed to Enhance Both Your Technical Ability and Visual Sense

I spent this weekend attending a program put on by "Shoot the Light." As I have written before there is always something new to learn and that is why I attend these meetings. The speakers were Charles Glatzer and Mike Milicia. Both are excellent speakers and teachers. I thought I understood shooting in manual exposure, however Charles taught me so much more that I am really now comfortable utilizing manual exposure and also know when one of the other modes would be relevant to use. Mike on the other hand taught us more on the basics of digital technology and how sensors work and made the technical details very basic so it was easy to understand.

Even though the group was made up of beginning to experience photographers both of the presenters kept everything understandable and answered questions whenever they came up.

My conclusion is that if you have a chance to attend a meeting where either one of these gentlemen are speaking or attend a workshop that they put on you will come with a better understanding of digital nature photography and gets great pictures.