Sunday, April 13, 2014

Remember The Lunar Eclipse Is Coming

Waxing gibbous moon, because the moon is so bright I utilized the sunny 16 rule my settings were F/16, 1/100 second, ISO 100 and I utilized a 200 mm lens with some adjustments in Lightroom. The camera and lens was on a tripod 
Remember on April 15 is the total lunar eclipse which will start at 1:58 AM. Now we have to keep our fingers crossed in regards to the weather. Right now a long-range forecast is for clouds with rain later. Hopefully the weather will shift and least we will have only partly cloudy. I still will be at the Stone Barn of Allens Pond Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary starting at midnight to hopefully photograph the first of the tetrad that will occur over the next two years.

Last night I went outside in my condominium complex just to check some of my settings on the waxing gibbous moon plus I wanted a photograph of Mars since it is at the closest point to earth.
Although Mars was very bright it did require me to up my ISO to 2000, I dropped my f-stop to F/8 soon back my lens to 70 mm in this shot was taken at one second. Then adjusted in Lightroom and Topaz Clarity and DeNoise

Hope to see you at the Stone Barn, there will be hot drinks and snacks available.

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